What is coursework in college

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The bulk of the course work consists of chapters with paragraphs or sections without paragraphs. Choosing more than three chapters is not recommended. There can be no chapters that consist of one paragraph. Each chapter is devoted to an independent question being studied.

Each of the points should end with short conclusions that provide an organic transition to the next structural element. The conclusions should not be quotes from the documents.

The title of each paragraph or chapter should be brief and informative. The titles of individual chapters do not have to repeat the titles of course work, and paragraph titles should not repeat titles of chapters.

The recommended volume of the central part of the course work is 20-25 pages.


The final part of the course work is to summarize the work and present the main results. In conclusion, you should not translate the content of work. There it is necessary to briefly summarize the study, including the conclusions of individual sections, to formulate general conclusions of the work. The conclusions should correspond to the goals and objectives of the course work, formulated in the introduction. Each conclusion should be highlighted in a separate paragraph.

In conclusion, it is also advisable to evaluate possible perspectives of further research on this topic, outline the goals and objectives of the next stages of the study.

The recommended length of conclusion is 3-4 pages.


List of used literature is a necessary part of course work because it allows you to determine how the degree of knowledge of the topic, and the depth of the author’s work on the topic. The list of literature is a list of all documents, monographs, articles, and other publications.

You can also include in the work programs:

  • maps
  • scheme,
  • tables
  • schedule,
  • visual materials
  • printouts of the results of experiments,
  • Biographical references
  • photocopies and facsimiles of the original document;
  • A full-text version of the source used in work.

The object and subject of study are something that is directly studied in the course work. The object indicates what is being studied as a whole. The subject is isolated from the object and is the part to which the research is directly directed.