What is a dissertation abstract

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Annotation, like any other document, has its structure and includes elements that were related to the dissertation research:

  • The purpose of the study.
  • Used research methods.
  • Main results and conclusions.
  • Suggested recommendations.

Annotation in the classic form may include short links. However, some graduate students prefer to limit the structure of the article when writing annotations.

Although the abstracy is, in fact, a summary of the dissertation, this does not mean that it is necessary to rewrite the dissertation in short form. This is not a retelling, but a brief summary, which should also be drafted in accordance with the requirements and be a consistent and clear document. There is no need to go into a detailed account of what theoretical background led the author to write a dissertation, and no detailed course of research was required. The abstract should be brief and informative whenever possible. This is necessary so that the reader becomes interested in the topic, was able to read a brief description, and went to the library for a detailed study of the topic. Therefore, in the abstract conclusions are contained in brief form.

Before you start making an abstract, it is necessary to briefly retell the content to a friend in a few sentences. It is essential to indicate the results and conclusions. Next, you need to write short notes to each section. You can then select the most appropriate content for future annotation.

It is necessary to state the information in an accessible language. You should not use publicly available facts since the abstract should reflect the summary of the dissertation research, and not give a brief overview of existing scientific facts. If the topic of the thesis is difficult to understand, then you need to write a few words about what area of ​​knowledge it belongs to. The content of the abstract should be accessible to the ordinary person, and not just a specialist in this field.

As an example, you can view several annotations to dissertations to understand the structure of the document and the style of presentation of the material.